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The building of an industrial wind turbine facility may be described as awesome.  The proportions of all aspects involved are nothing short of gargantuan.

Access roads are built up and along the top of the ridge. They must be hard-packed gravel and wide enough
(up to 34 feet) to accommodate heavy construction equipment and the huge trucks and cranes that transport, erect and maintain the turbines.


The ground where the turbine pads are to be placed is cleared and leveled.  Foundation holes (up to 30 feet deep) are excavated and filled with many tons of cement and steel rebar.


Extensive blasting is often
required, as in Mars Hill, Maine, (left).

The enormous cranes used to erect and maintain the turbines are also brought in and assembled on site.

Local roads may need to be widened, straightened or have intersections modified to allow passage.

Four photographs of 2 country roads, before and afte
r modification.

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