On Saturday, February 6, the townspeople of Jackson voted to adopt their Ordinance by a vote of 111 yes, 75 no.

The efforts to inform the townspeople about the issues surrounding Industrial Wind Facilities were diverse.
One of the pleasanter forms this effort took was the creation of a video by a talented video artist - Tom Olds - who condensed the issues into one 20 minute video.  In order to make the video available to other towns, he divided it into 2 sections of 10 minutes each.

The video is powerful.  It is folksy.  It is musical.  It is beautiful.  It is gripping.  It informs as it entertains. 

Just think "Montville" where it says "Jackson", and change just one or two points.   It absolutely applies to Montville.

Turn on your speakers.  Sit back.  This, is fun.

First Half of the Video:
  • Early Years of the Town
  • Modern Times
  • Industrial Wind Development
  • Noise (includes a recording taken at the house of one of our neighbors in Freedom)
  • Property Rights
  • Economics, including Jobs and Taxes
  • Jackson's ordinance (in part)

Watch this half of the video here.

Second Half of the Video:
  • Continues on Jackson's ordinance
  • The Selectmen
  • Ban on Wind Power Development?

Watch this half of the video here.