Living with Turbines

We include  letters from residents who live near the turbines in Maine -- Vinalhaven, Freedom and Mars Hill. 

Even though many of us have visited industrial wind turbine installations in Freedom and elsewhere, the real experts on what it is like to live near them are the people who live next to them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Through their letters, and in their own words, they tell us how their lives have been impacted, for better or worse.

  • The Jackson page contains one very informative video (in two parts) prepared and distributed to residents there as they prepared to vote.  It is hugely informative, and with just a name change and one or two items, it is absolutely pertinent to us here in Montville.  Be sure to watch both parts of the video to the end.
  • There are two letters from Vinalhaven, from Ethan Hall and from Sally Wylie;  two from Freedom, from Barbara Littlefield and from Phil Bloomstein;  two from Mars Hill from Wendy Todd and from Carol Cowperthwaite.
  • On the  Vinalhaven page, is also included a video interview of two neighbors of the turbines, Ethan Hall and Cheryl Lindgren. 

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In the Links and Videos page, there are video testimonies from other families living near wind turbines.