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In addition to the links shown on this page, the Findings and Rationale companion document to the ordinance has an extensive bibliography with links. 

Check out the web sites of our neighbor towns of Dixmont,  Jackson and Vinalhaven. 


Here is the Citizens' Task Force on Wind Power, Maine, a statewide organization:

Local Videos: Dixmont and Jackson, Maine

    Made by talented town residents.  Informative and entertaining.  Turn your speakers on.


Note:  Both Jackson videos are also here Jackson

An excellent wind site, covering events in Wisconsin, but full of valuable information applicable anywhere:

Personal Video Testimonies and Documentaries

1. From Mars Hill, ME., residents speak about how the wind turbines have affected their lives.

2. From the Meyesdale, PA windplant, nearby residents speak about their lives.

3. In Cohocton, NY, Hal Graham, town Justice, leased his land to a wind developer:

4. Dairy Farmer Scott Smrynka in Lincoln township, WI tells how the nearby windfarm has affected the milk production and health of his herds:

5.  From Australia: Claims of Wind Farm Illness: Waubra Disease.  Produced February 19, 2010  by ABC News Stateline Victoria

6. A Rough Wind: The Impact of Industrial Windmill Facilities on Birds and Other Wildlife.  Produced by the Allegheny Plateau Audubon Society, Johnstown, PA.

7.  From Crete,  a griffon vulture riding the thermals is struck by a wind turbine rotor.

 8.   Analysis of CO2 Removal from the atmosphere by Wind Power.  Adobe Acrobat document,  .pdf format

White, David, Bsc., C. Eng, F.I. Chem. E. “Reduction in Carbon Dioxide Emissions: Estimating the Potential
Contribution from Wind-Power”, December 2004, Renewable Energy Foundation.  38 pages long.

9.  On the website of our neighbors in the Western Mountains of Maine, Friends of the Highland Mountains, there is an excellent summary of recent research on the adverse health effects of Industrial wind turbines.   Here is the link.  The study, 23 pages long,  is dated October 28, 2009, and was revised and updated on November  24, 2009.

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