This site was generated by volunteer residents of Montville who gave generously of their time and talents in an effort to inform their neighbors of the other realities of industrial wind power.

The site remains online as a resource to help other Mainers, and anyone else who is  exploring the issue of industrial wind facilities and how such facilities may affect them.

Thank you, Montville !
For the vote on the Ordinance,
90 yes   38 no
at our Annual Town Meeting on March 27, 2010

Thank you for voting to protect our neighbors, our town, our hills and mountains, our birds and wildlife, our way of life, our quality of life.

Our neighbors in Buckfield, Dixmont, Jackson and Thorndike have adopted their respective ordinances by comfortable margins:
                                  Dixmont:  229 yes, 78 no. 
                                  Jackson:  111 yes, 75 no. 
                                                             Thorndike:  Unanimous.  No votes in opposition
                                 Buckfield:   Approved by wide margin

In the new year, 2011, more towns adopt protective industrial wind turbine ordinances:  (this may not be a comprehensive list)

Eastbrook:      113 yes, 14 no
Sedgwick:      by strong show of hands
Penobscot:              "        "           " 
New Vineyard:  unanimous
Avon:                unanimous
                                            Eddington: overwhelming support.  Only 12 nays

Last updated on June 16, 2011  

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