Monthly Meetings

The MOC typically meets once every month. Our group usually meets for dinner and a discussion is held on a preselected topic or article of interest. Topics range from philosophy to current events to art (see the List for examples of past discussions). 

Next Meeting and Topic

The next meeting will be held on  Monday, Oct. 26, 2009 at 7:00PM.  Please send email for location and details.


MOC members have sponsored guest speakers in conjunction with the McGill Universtiy Objectivist Club. Past Speakers have included Dr. Yaron Brook, Dr. Andrew Bernstein, and Dr. John Ridpath. We also periodically organize cultural events such as museum and concert outings.

Objectivism Resources

The Ayn Rand Institute --  Promotes Objectivism through academic and other programs. Register on the site for access to free audio and video of  all of Ayn Rands reocrded lectures.

The Ayn Rand Lexicon
 --  a searchable compendium of Ayn Rand's writings on hundreds of topics

Ayn Rand Novels -- ARI website dedicated to Ayn Rand's novels. Has video lectures on the novels.

Leonard Peikoff --  Web site of Leonard Peikoff, now with regular podcasts!

Harry Binswanger List (HBL) -- An email discussion group moderated by Harry Binswanger.

Summaries of Objectivism

Introduction to Objectivism and Essentials of Objectivism at  the ARI site

Ayn Rand's Ideas at the Ayn Rand Novels site

Philosophy, Who Needs It? -- Text of a speech by Ayn Rand

The Philosophy of Objectivism: a Brief Summary -- 10-page summary by Leonard Peikoff

Article at The Objective Standard 

Overview by the Ayn Rand Society of the American Philosophical Association 

A guide to various summaries of Objectivism on the web including the above links

Blogs, Journals and Opinion 

ARI Media Link --  Editorials from ARI staff writers

Priciples in Practice -- Blog of  The Objective Standard journal

Gus Van Horn

Rule of Reason


TIA Daily -- email blog of  
The Intellectual Activist journal

Capitalism Magazine

More to come ....

Other links of interest

Two free-market economics think tanks:

Fraser Institute - now with a branch in Montreal

L'Institute economique de Montreal/Montreal Economic Institute