Prayer Journal


Health and Healing

Ann and Richard Mara - Traveling

Cathy - The Chain's daughter in law - health

Jefferson County School District

Vera and Leona - Mary Brown's sisters

Dale Cleckner's brother- health

Carrie White's grandmother - healing

Paul Bailey - recovering from foot surgery

Buddy Thompkins - Lung Cancer - Brenda's uncle

McGinnis Family


Natalie Eades  (21 months) Leukemia

Ron and Lauren White (Russ's brother and neice)

Kristen Brown (friend of the Allen's)needing bone marrow transplant

George and Linda Stinson

Dave Mediate

Edwina Laney (Jean Marsh's aunt) cancer

Angela Hastings

Kevin Taff -cancer

Trevor Brumbley's Uncle (tongue and throat cancer)

George Miller (friend of the Belton's -cancer)

JD Shiver - Armed Forces- stationed in Afghanistan

Brenda's sister - Robin Duke

The Doucette Family

Paul - Peggy Mathis's son

Chris Stone (friend of Dave Mediate) Kidney's stopped functioning

Doug Barrett (friend of Dan Allen) Stage 3 Lung Cancer

Francis Chain and her brother Joe (Health)

Joyce Cruver

Mike McKnight - blood pressure issues

Heidi Mims - recovering from ear surgery

Tina Bailey - blood pressure issues

Jeff Haselden - paralysis; awaiting liver transplant

Karen Hilton (friend of Susie Hastings) radiation poisoning

Phil (co-worker of Jean Marsh) cancer

Homer Starling 

Special Needs:

Church Leadership Team

Families and Marriages

The White Family (employment issues)

Jeff and Debra Mims family (employment issues)

Mark and Tina Bailey (employment issues)

The Vargas' (employment issues)

Our Elected Leaders

Monticello Christian Academy and her staff and students

Our Military families: Thomas Miller, Gary Brown

Our Military forces and Peace in war torn areas

The unchurched and under-churched