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If you are a renewing member, please register for a Test/Evaluation by sending an email to  Please include your name, dogs name, dog's birth date, and which date you wish to test/evaluate.  The cost to renew is $25 for the evaluation fee, $50 dues (for two years), and $60 for your new license.  Payment is due on the day of the test.  If you do not pass, your dues and license fee are returned to you.  Once you register for your test, you will receive a confirmation email along with the appropriate application you will need to complete including vet information.  You must bring your completed application and fees with you on the day of your evaluation.

You may register for any test/evaluation up to six months prior to your license expiration.  For example, if your license expires 12/31/2017 you can test/evaluation anytime after 7/1/2017.  If your license has expired, you have 24 months to renew without having to complete the entire process.

We encourage you to practice at one of our Mock Drills by registering via email: with the date you want to participate.  Practicing at a Mock Drill is optional for renewals.