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Montgomery Pet Partners
P.O. Box 132471
The Woodlands, TX 77393

Board of Directors

President - Jeanice Hall
Vice President, Treasurer - Karen Ives
Vice President, Secretary - Angela Winters
Vice President, R.E.A.D. - Ellen Balcer
Vice President, ITA Instructor - Jeanice Hall
Vice President, Seniors - Wendy Hoffer
Director, Hospitals - Dean Nistetter
Director, Photography - Doug Hartley

Advisory Committee

Marketing:  Angela Winters
Intermountain Therapy Animal Evaluations: Ellen Balcer, Liane Pomfret
Intermountain Therapy Animal Workshops:  Karen Ives, Jeanice Hall, Wendy Hoffer, Ellen Balcer
R.E.A.D. Schools: Ellen Balcer
Member Orientation: Karen Ives
Hospitals: Dean Nistetter
Libraries:  Ellen Balcer
Senior Facilities: Wendy Hoffer
Website:  Wendy Hoffer
Social Media:  Sally Kemp

Auxiliary Committee

Mock Drills:  Nancy Sandstrum
Manuals:  Karen Ives
Workshops:  Karen Ives
Evaluation:  Ellen Balcer, Liane Pomfret
Orientation:  Karen Ives
Promotions:  Tracy Allen
Special Events:  Liane Pomfret