Barks & Wags

Willis Veterinary Clinic - Brian Hablinski, DVM

"I am a firm believer in the difference a dog can make in helping children to become better readers. The Montgomery Pet Partners are dedicated to that mission with their teams of certified therapy dogs."

Triangle Animal Clinic - C.M. "Mickey" Hadash, DVM & Michelle Wilbanks, DVM

"We support the Montgomery Pet Partners' efforts to enhance reading shills and improve the quality of like through the human-animal bond. We recognize the impact that pets can have in such a well designed approach to helping children reach their potential and in giving comfort to both young and old."

National Board Certified Teachers - June S. Clarke, Ed.D.

"Some children require an extra incentive in the learning process. Research indicates that the vast majority of children are, in some way, positively connected to pets. Publishing companies capitalize on childrens' love of animals. Using them as a tool to learning is a natural process. The Montgomery Pet Partner's "Reading with Rosey" embraces a child's natural passion to produce impressive gains in reading."

Montgomery Middle School Language Arts Chair - Susan Dozier

"Awesome! I've never before seen the children so excited about reading!"

Stewart Creek Elementary - Judy Kratish, Assistant Principal

"The gentle reading dogs bring out the best in some very challenging children. They have a unique way of transforming behaviors by reaching them in ways we never thought possible."

Adapted Behavior Unit Specialist - Natascha Honc

"The Montgomery Pet Partner teams are a very welcomed adjunct to the instructional and social skill building effort. They offer a chance to develop a meaningful relationship when, often times, healthy, positive relationships are few and far between in the lives of these children."

Montgomery Middle School - Cheryl Moore, Principal 

"Since children are especially connected to animals, blending the certified dogs and their well-qualified humans with students in need of extra attention is a recipe for success.  The other part of the equation is the nurturing animal itself that serves to affirm the children by lavishing them with love."