About Us


Children learning to read, with reading difficulties, or simply wanting to improve their reading skills, have benefited greatly from attending our library R.E.A.D.® program.  Having the dog/handler team with the child helps the child relax, focus on reading and enjoy the story.  Pets With A Mission works with The Montgomery County Memorial Library System.


Our focus is development of literacy through R.E.A.D.®.  With R.E.A.D.®, our registered teams work one-on-one with emerging readers as well as with students who may be identified as at-risk to help improve reading skills at school.  Many children who have difficulty reading have gained tremendous confidence and abilities from time spent with a reading team.


Our teams go to hospitals to interact with patients who have been through surgery or sickness.  The instant smiles received when these patients see our pets are enough to make visits worthwhile.  Each visit is as different as the patients themselves.  Some pet the animals and talk about their own pet experiences.  Some like to hear about what we do as a group. Some are just grateful for the company of both the pet and the partner.

Senior Facilities

At senior facilities, a visit from one of our teams usually turns into a long visit with a group of seniors.  Stories about pets from their past or questions about our pets lead to interesting discussions.  Many times a tear or two is shed while sharing these stories.  Everyone in the group gets to pet, brush, or throw a ball to our furry friends.  It is a bright spot in a sometimes dull day to these individuals.