Marcos Montes: Press

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Since he started his musical activities in 1986, young Marcos Montes fully dedicated himself to jazz and alongside vocal band Noval Spirituals, he did spirituals, gospel and blues. He next earned a sojourn in New York where he learned jazz singing with Theo Bleckman and drama with world-wide renowned teacher Uta Hagen. Back in BA he founded Blow Back trio and recorded Now’s the time, his debut album, with Javier Malosetti, Juan Cruz de Urquiza and Lapo Gessaghi. Once eh considered he was deep into traditional jazz singing he challenged himself to record Way Down South. 


Ana Corbellini, Vea Más espectáculos (2004)


This trio of male voices, a whole curiosity on the local jazz scene, showed their first work after several years on stage, which gives them experience and intuition to choose the repertoire, based on feeling and a beautiful vocal play. Trumpetist Juan cruz de Urquiza, bassist Javier Malosetti and drummer Pepi Taveira fit perfectly with their philosophy. The album shines on Parker’s “Now’s the time” or the classical “Nobody knows…”, which reminds the sultry version by Derek and the dominoes. The vocal work proves to be sound and unusually displays a strong emotionality on each interpretation. A colourful blues-y ambience is thus achieved.


César Pradines, La Nación (2001)


Blow back transmits the joy of group-singing. Their enthusiasm is catching.

They can get on “The blue note blues” with piano, guitar and Marcos Montes as leading voice, pack their voices in rhythm and swing for Love makes the world go round or try successfully polyphony on The cat fell in the well. They know what they are dealing with. Vocal leader Marcos Montes will sing alone on I got a secret just accompanied by Santoni’s guitar, and the silence will make part of the music. […] The colourful timber that Blow Back reaches in its varied expressions of black music is a good way of making jazz appealing to all. […]


René Vargas Vera, La Nación (1999)