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For anyone interested in the technical side of things...

The Smokin’ Clams are powered by a Peavey sound system with Mackie power heads and a Mackie mixing board. All sound is mixed professionally to fit every individual room to ensure the highest quality sound possible.

3 QSC OLX 3402’s
3 Mackie 1400’s
1 Mackie 2650
(That’s approximately 17,000 watts if anyone’s counting...)

2 Alesis Midi Verb 4’s
1 Alesis Micro Verb 4
Beringer Compressor
Personis ACP 88 Gated Compressor
2 Peavy Dual 15 Band Equalizers
DOD Dual 15 Band Equalizer
Peavy 31 Band Equalizer
DBX Rack Drive PA
Roland SDE 1000 Reverb
Furman Power Conditioner with Lights
DOD Real Time Analyzer

4 Peavey HDH3 Sub cabinets with 2 18” Black Widow speakers each
4 Peavy SP2G’s
2 peavy DTH4’s with 2” horns and dual 15” speakers

6 Peavy 15” Wedges
2 Peavy SP5’s

8 Par 56 cans
8 Martin Robos
4 Saturn 4 pin spots
3 XP3 Programmables
1 T-Rex
Gem Sharkie Fog Machine

Miscellaneous Stuff:
Mackie 24x4 Sound Board
100’ Snake
Electric 220 Distribution Box with 135-foot 1” extension cord
A bunch of EV vocal microphones
A gaggle of Shure SM 57 amplifier microphones
A flock of Tama heavy duty stands home