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Rick is the final original member and rounds out the group. He’s the drive behind the band’s awesome sound. Always quick with a joke in rehearsal, he keeps things light-hearted wherever the band goes. There’s not a better drummer our there anywhere. Rick lets his presence be known from the very start of the show and never lets up until the final chord.

Rick owns quite a collections of drums and cymbals (some with custom-painted heads):

Tama Star Classic in white silk wrap (birch shells) 5-piece kit with 10”, 12” and 14” toms, 18”x22” bass, 5.5”x14” matching snare, all with die cast hoops and an added 16” rack tom.

One Platinum Mist 10”, 12”, 14” rack tom set with 22”x18” kick.

Two wine red sets, same setup as above. Both kits are four-ply mable with four-ply maple rings.

Tama Rockstar Custom (amber finish), same setup as above.

Tama Rockstar Custom (brushed metal finish), same setup as above.

     6.5”x14” Mapex Black Panther snare, nickel plated with die cast.
     3.5”x13” Tama hammered steel pic.
     8”x14” Ludwig Classic Coliseum (mapel).
     8”x14” Tama Star Classic 10-ply maple with die cast hoops and pearl inlay.
     5.5”x14” Tama, oak with wood hoops.
     6.5”x10” Pearl maple popcorn snare.
     5.5”x14” DW/Copper Collector’s Series.

Pedals: Iron Cobra double bass, Iron Cobra single, and DW 5000 H.H. Iron Cobra H.H.

Zildjain Cymbals:
     14” A Custom Hats
     21” Rock Ride
     18” Med Crash
     16” Rock Crash
     6” Z Bell
     20” A Custom Sizzle 6 Rivets
     20” K Custom Ride
     17” K Custom Crash
     16” K Custom Dark Crash
     14” K Custom Dark Crash
     12” K Custom Splash
     8” A Splash
     6” A Splash
     12” ZXT China
     22” K Custom Ride
     15” A Custom Crash
     12” ZXT China over 10” A Splash
     14” A Jingle Hats

Sabian Cymbals:
     19” China Low Hand H
     16” China Low Hand H

Paiste Cymbals:
     14” HH  Signature The wise Mr. Swanson