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Once upon a time in a land far, far away... well actually it was only about 20 miles away, lived a not so young wanna-be musician named Dan...
Being one of the founding members and the oldest member of the Smokin' Clams I have seen this band go through several changes. Most recently the losses of John (he moved to Minneapolis) and Randy (who moved to Washington State) and the addition of Chris and Monte.
When John moved it left a huge hole in the band. He had carried a big piece of the band on his back both vocally and instrumentally. He challenged us at every rehearsal to improve and was the driving force in making the band what it has become. John will be missed and will always be welcome to jam with us when ever he comes to town. 
Randy's outstanding saxophone play and vocals added a new dimension to our music. He brought new insight and a whole new sound to the band. Randy’s years of playing in and around the Pacific Northwest and the perspective that brings allowed us to move into previously uncharted water. He will be missed.
When Chris, The Hippie, came on board I gladly handed the bass playing responsibilities to him.  He has been playing the bass and singing around Sioux City for years. His quick fingered style of playing and his unique sense of humor have been welcome additions to the band. 
These guys have allowed me to sing more and stress less. Less stress is always good. It has allowed me to work more on the vocal part of being in a band. Singing has always been part of my life and these additions make it easier to do what I love. Whether singing leads or harmonies I'm having fun.
So, if you ever have the opportunity to come out to see us somewhere I hope you stop and say Hi. You are why we do what we do.

Wow.  Monte has the website up and running again and I just realized that this little tail was WAY out dated so I will endeavor to make it more current…


Since I last wrote things in the band have changed dramatically.  Chris “ The Hippie” has taken a sabbatical and he will be missed.  He was replaced…er…what I meant to say is that another famous Sioux City area bass player, Curt Gothier, took his place on stage.  I am one of the founding members of “The Clams” and up until Curt’s arrival, I was the oldest “Clam”.  I haven’t asked him but I think he is now the eldest.  Oh, and Amy is back!  You will remember Amy.  Our “little filly”.  Keyboard player and singer (and guitar player, too).  They ROCK. 


In addition to the new band members we still have the regulars: Rick, Tim, Monte and Robert making it sound great.  I really enjoy hanging out with these guys (Yes.  Amy is one of the guys).  They are fun to be around and if that wasn’t enough, each one is a great musical talent.  So, if you get the chance, stop out some night and catch our show.  Come up and say “Hi”.  We play all over the area so there is no excuse. 

- Dan