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Points System

The point system allows us to determine many things - activity in the club, qualifications to become officers, and, of course, awards at the end of the year. The system should also serve as some motivation to apply your Spanish outside the classroom context, as it acknowledges your efforts.

There is a basic requirement for members to remain active as follows:
  • Members must have 5 points (any category) by March 1. Members may give a presentation on this day, but given the time constraints of lunch, they can only sign up on a first-come, first-served basis (Presentation must already be ready before signing up). This requirement is to encourage involvement throughout the year and not through a last-ditch effort in May.
  • Members must have at least 10 points by May 9. This date is key since officer elections and the initiation ceremony are dependent on the tally.
  • Five of your points must come from community service (i.e. with Sunday Friends, local hospitals that involve the use of Spanish, or the MACLA museum.)
A point is equal to about an hour of commitment. As a result, members giving presentations or writing responses must give an effort expected of a person who works for at least an hour. Each hour of community service counts for a point.