Here is a look at some of the activities of the club. Other activities may be added as they are being finalized.

Our first event will be the Welcome Back Social (in English), a potluck in the cafeteria that returning members, new members, and SHS alumni can attend. Small games will be held in Spanish. Other optional socials will be held in local restaurants for members to taste Hispanic cuisine (that can vary from Mexican to Spanish to Argentinian).

Presentations and games are a major part of the biweekly club meetings. Last year's examples included Trabalenguas, or Spanish tongue-twisters, and a present-sharing activity at the end of first semester. This is all in an effort to promote Spanish immersion, an effective way of learning the language and having fun. Members have an opportunity to share their own presentations that can feature any aspect of Spanish culture, from Dali's surrealist art in Spain to salsa steps.

We will continue with MV-Lynbrook Spanish pen pals for a chance to share our experiences in different high schools.

Our main community service partner is Sunday Friends, which offers a "working alternative to charity." The families in need participate in a number of activities to earn points that they can then use to choose out the goods that they need. There are many volunteering jobs available, such as translating the families' letters or guiding them through the shopping part.

This year, we are planning to hold tutoring sessions for Spanish students of any level during tutorials after our first meeting. Our members will volunteer their time to help out the students and share their passion for advanced Spanish language study.
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