Bert Karp Memorial Populaire

Mom setting up a checkpoint in the middle of nowhere for our 600k brevet in June of 2011

All riders are welcome and encouraged to participate in this unique cycling event honoring my mom, Bert Karp, who passed away from cancer on March 5, 2012. Mom loved volunteering to meet me and my riding cohorts anywhere (the more remote the better) with a trunk full of goodies.  Mom helped out on my brevets and also with some Gallatin Valley Bicycle Club (GVBC) day tours like the Tour de Spud.  She also happily provided SAG and rest stop support on several GVBC Three Rivers Centuries.  My family and I want to honor her service to cycling and celebrate her life through this ride.

The Bert Karp Memorial Populaire is a short randonneuring event, following the same rules and traditions of epic randonees like Paris-Brest-Paris.  Each rider will be given a brevet card that must be stamped at checkpoints along the way.  A populaire is not a race, but it is a timed event.  Riders must pass through the checkpoints within an open time-so you can't be too fast or too slow.  The overall time limit for this 64 mile ride is a generous 6 hours and 40 minutes.  

WHEN:   July 4, 2019. Ride departs at 8:00 AM (sign in at 7:30 AM).

ROUTE:   The map and profile are HERE.  The ride will start and finish at the Bozeman Pond Park which is located west of the Gallatin Valley Mall off Fowler Avenue.  The route will go through Bozeman and then north to Springhill Church, then across the valley to a big rest stop at Taylor Park in Manhattan, then on mostly flat roads around the Churchill area and back to the start via Cameron Bridge, Thorpe Road, and the Valley Center Road bike path.  With the exception of the climb up Springhill Community Road-which is early in the ride-the route is pretty flat and on mostly low traffic roads.  There will be several rest stops well stocked with food and drink. Just bring your bike and helmet and be ready for a good time!

FEE:  $5 to cover the cost of insurance and the randonneuring paperwork.
CUE SHEET:  Here (A copy of the cue sheet will be available at the start)  A report and pictures from a previous year's ride are here and here.
CONTACT ME:  Please send me an email or call me to let me know you're coming so we know how many brevet cards to prepare.  Also, feel free to get in touch with any questions! 
The last few miles