Tips: Geocaching Locations

There are two elements which are needed to create a good quality geocache: an appropriate container, and a good location.
One of the most commonly stated reasons that people say they enjoy geocaching is that it takes them to places they never would have never known about had it not been for a geocache hidden nearby.
We all enjoy getting outdoors; we all recognize the benefits of the exercise in which geocaching can provide. Many people enjoy the comradery of taking friends and family out to find a geocache, and relish in some of the breath-taking beauty that they discover while on the trail.
The following are the base considerations in selecting a good location for hiding a geocache. If you're able to answer "Yes" to all of these questions, the chances are, you've hidden a good quality geocache that will be a favorite among other geocachers.

1. Provides Exercise

- Many of the reasons people enjoy geocaching are for the benefits of health, exercise, and recreation.

2. Takes the finder to an interesting location

 - Geocachers love to explore and discover new and interesting locations.

3. Is challenging to appropriate levels

- Every geocache should have a "Hint" provided that ensures that the geocache can be found. Just because the hiding location may be obvious to you, doesn't mean that it is for everyone else.
- Puzzle caches should be rated based on the number of steps required in order to "solve" the puzzle.
- Remember that the point of geocaching is to actually find the container; if it isn't fun, people will stop looking for your geocaches.

4. Allows friends and family to participate

 - Geocaching with others, especially family, is the number one experience geocachers claim to enjoy the most about this activity. Taking children geocaching can provide innumerable lessons and can create memories that will last a lifetime.
- A good quality geocache can also help excite new geocachers, and keep veteran geocachers interested.

5. Uses a container suitable to the location

 - Using the appropriate size container is nearly as important as the location of the geocache.
- Geocaches that require more than a short stroll, or have a Terrain rating of more than two stars, deserve no less than a Small container. Urban geocaches, however, should strive to be as non-suspicious and undetectable as possible; urban caches are predisposed to microcontainers.

6. Follows the hiding guidelines established by Groundspeak, Inc.

 - These are the foundation and for hiding a geocache, including: adhering to local & applicable laws, gaining land owner permission, understanding geocache location restrictions (military, schools, historical and/or archaeological sites, etc.), placement in proximity to other geocaches, appropriate labeling of containers, and review by a Groundspeak Reviewer.