GCGJ87 - Where the Mountain Lion Lies (click for geocaching.com cache page)

GCGJ87 - Where the Mountain Lion Lies

A cache by
DRAGN Tamers
Hidden : 07/30/2003
Difficulty: 1
Terrain: 2
Size: (Virtual)
Location: N 45° 59.724 W 108° 00.340

Following the Lewis & Clark Trail throughout Montana is a popular activity, not only for those interested in history, but also for geocachers. GCGC87 Where the Mountain Lion Lies, sits 25 miles north-east of Billings, along the Yellowstone River, at the unique geological feature Captian William Clark named "Pompey's Pillar" July 25, 1806.
This Virtual geocache requires an email being sent to the cache owner to "validate" your visit. It is also located at a National Historic Landmark administered by the Bureau of Land Management, so there is a $7 fee.