GC19JNH - Smoke Jumper Central (click for geocaching.com cache page)

GC19JNH - Smoke Jumper Central

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Hidden :
Difficulty: 2 1/2
Terrain: 1 1/2
Size: Small
Location: N 46° 55.593 W 114° 05.459
The first Featured Multi-cache, Geocache, GC19JNH Smoke Jumper Central has been one of the top favorite geocaches in Montana since it was placed. This multi-cache takes you on a tour of the Smokejumper Visitor Center where you will be able to learn about one of Montana's most interesting, and dangerous, occupations.
As a multi-cache, you will need to locate three different information plaques in order to gain the answers to complete the coordinates for the final geocache location.
This geocache was placed with the permission of both the Facility Manager and Smoke Jumper Project Foreman, but is located on private property so please read the complete geocache page listing before heading out to find it.