GC12727 - The Montana DeLorme Challenge (click for geocaching.com cache page)

GC12727 - The Montana DeLorme Challenge

A cache by  yumitori
Hidden: 05/01/2007
Difficulty: 5
Terrain: 5
Size: Other
Location: N 46° 35.130 W 112° 01.105
GC12727 - The Montana DeLorme Challenge Unknown/Puzzle-cache is one of the least found geocaches in the state, yet remains on the top of most Montana geocacher's "To-Do" lists; and there is a good reason why.
DeLorme publishes a Road Atlas & Gazetteer for all 50 US states, with each state being broken down into numerous pages. The goal of the DeLorme challenge caches are to find a geocache located within each block of every page. This challenge uses the Montana State DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer.
This geocache was established prior to Groundspeak, Inc.'s decision to disallow the introduction of any new challange geocaches, and so GC12727 will remain active as long as the owner allows it to be, and geocachers continue to accept the challange.