Featured Geocaches
GC492 - Fairweather
GC12727 - The Montana DeLorme Challenge
GC19JNH - Smoke Jumper Central
GCGJ87 - Where the Mountain Lion Lies
There are, spread across Montana, geocaches that tend to be local favorites, and then there are those that seem to find their way onto most every Montana Geocacher's "To-Do" list. These are the geocaches that are considered to be the best-of-the-best; often located at places of historical significance, voted as geocacher-rated favorites, unusually placed, creatively hidden or just plain interesting, these are the geocaches that make Montana Geocaching so unique and special.
The Featured Geocaches listed here have gained the Montana Geocacher's Official Blue Ribbon Medal, and are highly recommended.
If you would like to submit a geocache that you feel could earn an Official Blue Ribbon Medal, please email me at  montanageocachers@gmail.com with the GC code, pictures (if available), and a reason of why you feel that particular geocache should be listed as a Featured Geocache. I'd be more than happy to take a look, and possibly add it to this exclusive list!