Cache-A-Route Series

One thing that all Montana Geocachers have in common is that we have to travel. Whether we hit the road out of neccessity, to attend a geocaching Event, or are just out enjoying the beautiful scenery, Montana's highways are no stranger to us. Most of us know them like the back of our hands, and have driven them day and night, sunshine, rain, snow, and fog; throughout every season, and around the clock.
In this Cache-A-Route Series, I will be providing a small strip map of commonly driven routes throughout Montana, and on them I will include some the most easily accessible, family friendly, and enjoyable geocaches that you grab along the way -- to where ever it is you are heading.
Please be aware that the maps are not updated, so during your pre-trip planning, be sure to access the site for the most current condition of the geocaches, and whether or not they accessible during the season you are travelling. Also, I have tried to select geocaches that have adequet parking, and are not necessarily right next to the road, but use caution and common sense, but above all else, have fun and enjoy!
  • Route #1: Great Falls to Helena via I-15 (approximately 90 miles) - Posted!!
  • Route #2: Helena to Butte via I-15 (approximately 65 miles) - Posted!!
  • Route #3: Butte to Bozeman via I-90 (approximately 85 miles) - Coming Soon!!
  • Route #4: Bozeman to Darby via Hwy 93 (approximately 64 miles) - Coming Later!!