MT Fish Wildlife & Parks Geocaching Policy
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is a big supporter of geocaching in Montana and has made the process for placing new caches on land managed by the Department very simple:
  1. Open and read Montana State Parks Policy (pdf) for geocaching.
  2. Complete the form and print a copy - be sure to provide your signature.
  3. Use the Search Regional Staff link to find the applicable Field Office/Operations Bureau.
  4. Mail or deliver the completed Geocache Permit Application to the Regional Parks Manager.
Upon approval, an "Official Montana FW&P Geocache" sticker will be mailed or provide to you so that your geocache will be clearly identifiable as being permitted.
Be aware that a Geocache Permit is only valid for two calendar years from time of approval, and may be renewed only once before the cache must be removed, or relocated. Geocache permits may be revoked at any time.
If you are not aware of the fact, Montana is one of the few US States that not only allows geocaching, but also supports the activity.  Many other places in this country have disallowed geocaches in county, city and town parks; please do not allow that to happen here in Montana. The process of getting a geocache approved on land managed by the MT FW&P is just too easy not to do it right.