Interview Series
March 2011
This month for the Interview Series I was able to get in contact with hiking dude, a well seasoned geocacher from Kalispell. 

"How did you become involved with geocaching and when?"
I came home from work one night and there was a program on the Discovery channel about teasure hunting; I saw a person using a GPS to find a set of coordinates in the woods and they led to another box. So, I wrote the name of the web site down and when I got up the next day I looked it up. I had been using one [GPSr] for a few years for hunting and hiking anyways.I started in March of 2006 and have been with it ever since.
"Could I have you explain your geocaching name?"
Well, my caching name is nice and simple. It comes from something that I love to do, I just don't get to do it as much as I would like.

"What is it about geocaching that makes it exciting to you and keeps you involved?"
I just love the thrill of the adventure. If that means hiking 4 miles to a waterfall or doing a cache run and trying to find 75 in one day, I enjoy both. Also, making new friends has been nice.

"Are there any things that you'd like to see improved, or simply changed, in geocaching?"
I wish there were ways to keep-out bad cache placement. Example: notebook in plastic bag, under a rock. Also, I think it would be better if they [Groundspeak, inc.] put a limit on how many caches a non-premium member could place. It might help out on abandoned caches. I also hope they bring back Virtuals.

"What type of GPSr, or navigational device, are you currently using to geocache?"
I use a Garmin GPSmap 62s. In the car, I use is a Garmin nuvi 200W, and my back up is a GPSmap 60CSx.

"Do you have a favorite type of geocache that you like to find? Are there any that you dislike?"
I love finding creative camo hides of all shapes and sizes - they just make you go wow! I also love ones that take you to very interesting places. I dislike a plan bison tube hanging from a fence post. Or a black nano of the same type.
"Can you relate any geocache hunts that really stand out or were unusual?"
One of my favorite caches I did was GC12PXB - "Hubbart Falls". It stands out because I went to it alone and did something stupid while there; I tried to get behind a part of the falls, and when I stepped onto the rock the water was falling onto, I went down real fast. I thought I was headed over the edge, but luckly, the rock sloped enough backwards that I just slid all the way across to the rock wall on the other side. Then, I just had to figure out a way to get back across. Anyway, I only ended up with a busted open elbow out of it.
Another one I liked alot and thought was unusual is GC26XYP - "No Postage needed". GC1QZG8 - "Welcome Springs" was neat and unusual.
"What are some of your favorite tips or tricks?"
Always bring a flashlight; they can be helpful even in the day sometimes.

"Are there any areas in Montana that you enjoy geocaching the most?"
I would say near, or in, the mountains. If you mean "towns" as areas, I would say Missoula, simply because there are a'lot of creative cachers down here.

"If you were to recommend a 'must-do' Montana geocache to someone who had never been geocaching under the Big Sky, which one would it be, and why?"
I would recommend GCW7FM - "Silver Staricase." it is easy for everyone to get to and it is up near Glacier National Park with some great driving scenery!

"Do you have any other parting words of wisdom, advice, or general thoughts that you'd like to share?"
There are many caches and cachers in Montana, each one is unique in their own way, and I hope to meet many of them along my journeys! Montana has a lot to offer for all cachers in- and out-of-state! Get out on the trail and happy caching!

Hiking Dude, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to answer these questions, and I certainly hope that you've given some ideas to geocachers planning to visit the Kalispell area. 
If you're interested in getting in touch with Hiking Dude, or would just like to check out their profile, click on the link in the sidebar. Thanks again!!
Hiking Dude