Montana Geocacher Interview Series

In a state as large as Montana, gathering for an Event as simple as an Eat, Meet & Greet, can sometimes become a full-fledged weekend road-trip/get-a-way. Not that this is at all a bad thing; we all need to get away sometimes, and what better reason than if not for geocaching? Sometimes, however, gathering can be such an enormous undertaking, that it becomes impossible to get to Billings when you live in Libby or Glasgow.

And while our state remains large, our geocaching community remains fairly small. The Events that are held, tend to be well-attended, with many "regulars" appearing at as many of these gatherings as possible. Their names are repeated on "Attended" lists, or are Event  Hosts; some are recognized for thier accomplishments, while others are well-known for thier friendliness and sense of humor.

Not all Montana Geocachers, however, are able to attend these Events, or get the opportunity to meet some of these extraordinary people.

The purpose of these interviews are to help bring our geocaching community a little closer together, and provide some useful information for everybody. I hope you enjoy them, and I'd like to thank each and every one of the interviewees for their cooperation, patience and willingness to be placed in the spotlight.