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IGNbq replacement? Check it out: "Vesti Tools"

*Hot links right now*

Nightly Tester Tools (or NNT lite) and IGNbq (Currently working with Firefox 3.0)

Youtube Embed (updated for firefox 3.0 - now embeds other video sites)

Ultimate Adblock Page(This includes the "list" of sites to block for IGN to make it faster)

IGN Unlimited

The next three extensions are considered bannable. Do not post about them on IGN unless you don't care about being banned. They are considered "altering board code" and that is against the TOS. Just a warning!
IGNore Mornez (Firefox Extension to block Mornez's posts)
IGNore Out_Kast3000 (updated for Firefox 3.0)
IGNore I_fap_hourly

    FireFox Stuff

    Intrawebs and Etc.

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    Custom Stars

    Custom Links

    Wormeyman's Spyware Removal Help (Someone want to make a new spyware/virus tutorial?)

    Invisitext Code For Firefox

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