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Cyclone Concentrator

Arizona developed and tested gold concentrator. This concentrator uses the same principle that nature uses to deposit the gold. This age old design has been re-engineered to recover more gold from pre-screened concentrates. I have tested this in the fine sands of the desert and the silty soils of Alaska. Why spend hours finish panning? The Cyclone Concentrator will quickly recover the mico gold from your concentrates. The Cyclone Concentrator will become a invaluable finishing tool. I have recovered gold by processing other's tailings! Simple to use and a third of the cost of the competitors. The Cylcone Concentrator requires a 200 gph to 700 gph pump, garden hose or even the bath tub facuet. Pump is not included.
  Bonus!!  Each purchase now includes the Monsoon Gold Bucket Classifier plans!!
shipping and handleing $20.00

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