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LectureInternational Standard

Jun 1995 - Sep 1998       Physics tutor for high school students

As a part-time job during my undergraduate study, I was a physics tutor for students who want to prepare for their examination. I was teaching in all of three types; one-to-one, small group (3-5 persons) and class lecture (30-40 persons). I also organized and led a physics tutor team consisting of 4-5 instructors. Each person was responsible for each chapter in which they were proficient.

Feb 2006 – Present          Intelligent Transport Systems Program

         My organization setup a new program named Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and assign me to work as the assistant of the program manager. Objective of the program is to promote using and developing ITS related technologies and standard in Thailand.

  • Assisted program manager to formulate Thailand ITS Forum

  • Leader of working group #2 that is a technical working group beneath the forum. The WG aim to develop information infrastructure for ITS technology, application, and research. [Information infrastructure cover setting up a central traffic information server, data exchange standards and protocols.]

  • Served as the secretariat of technical working group #3. Target of this working group is to develop location referencing model standard for interchanging traffic information over several road map sources. This working group also promote standard digital map format for ITS in Thailand.

  • Organized several exhibitions and seminars related to ITS activities in Thailand [for example: The 2nd and 3rd  Thailand ITS Seminar, ITST 2008]

  • Be one of the founder committee for Thai ITS Association (ITS Thailand); Currently: Vice president in Government Affair 

  • Managed the technical demonstrations invited from several international organizations of The 8th International Conference on ITS Telecommunication 2008

  • Was a member of the organizing team of ISO/TC204 meeting in Thailand (ISO/TC204 WG16 and ISO/TC204 Planery meeting)