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Mar 1995 - May 1997       Physics tutor for high school student  
Mar 1999 - Jul 1999         Freelance Programmer
Aug 1999 - Present         National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC)
Aug 1999 - Jan 2000       Composing GRASS* Manual (in Thai language)  *Geographic Resource and Analysis Support System
    • One of the first pioneer GRASS users in Thailand

    • Composed a reference manual and arrange the first training course

    • Reference: http://www.hpcc.nectec.or.th/C1/Grass/Training/index.html

Oct 1999 - Feb 2000        Agricultural economics information for farmer over Internet
    • Part of a team of 4 people

    • Developed an online system for generating a made to order report in graph or table format of agricultural product price

    • Reference: http://www.oae.go.th/gisMarket/ (expired)

Mar 2000 - Sep 2001        GIS for development Omkoi Chiangmai
        Omkoi is an underdeveloped district in Chiangmai province, a province in the northern part of Thailand. The people in the district were malnourished and uneducated. We developed an internet GIS system to support the royal project officers to analyze and monitor the situation.
    • Part of a team of 4 people
    • Developed an online statistical information report system used as a tool for malnutrition relief in Omkoi
Oct 2000 - Oct 2001        Thailand Integrated Water Resource Management System
        The goals of this project were linking, summarizing, reporting and analyzing the variation of water resource information database located in several government agencies.
        I was a part of a team of 6 people and responsible for developing a program, using PHP programming language, for automatically retrieving water level information from “Drainage and Sewerage Bangkok Metropolitan Administration” every 15 minutes to contain in a mirror site database at my office.
        Reference: http://tiwrm.hpcc.nectec.or.th

Oct 2000 - Mar 2002        Government Data Infrastructure (GDI)
    • My organization granted a funding to Chulalongkorn U. and Kasertsart U. to study and define the data set that should be the infrastructure data sets of Thailand in GIS and MIS field. The data infrastructures are main data sets which were shared among government and private organizations. NECTEC assigned two people to monitor and collaborate in this project. I was one of the two.

    • Assisted the project leader to interview GIS users.

    • Assisted the project leader to define data set that should be the infrastructure GIS data set of Thailand.

    • Project report is kept at NECTEC

Feb 2001 - Mar 2002        Internet and Network Supporting for Schools in Thailand (SchoolNet)
    • Part of a team of 2 people

    • Designed and developed a web application for retrieving and displaying position and attribute information of schools in Bangkok based on interactive web map.

Apr 2001 - July 2002        GRASS Usage Promotion
    • Science and Technology Ministry assign NECTEC to promote open source GIS software (GRASS) in Thailand
    • Part of a team of 3 people (1 lecturer and 2 teaching assistants)
    • Designed course structure and prepare training document 
    • Was a main instructor in GRASS (a well-known open source GIS software) training course
    • Reference: http://www.hpcc.nectec.or.th/C1/Grass/Training/index.html

Jan 2001 - Mar 2001        National Software Contest (NSC2001)
            I was a committeeman of the software contest which covers several types of software in the contest; for example Linux application, games, science & technology, e-learning, etc.

10 - 21 October 2002        Digital Orthophoto Production from Aerial Photograph
        My organization purchased a set of digital orthophoto from RTSD (Royal Thai Survey Department) for analyzing water resource in the lower part of Chaophraya basin. I was responsible for composing a TOR (Term of Reference) and was a technical coordinator. In addition, I get training in producing digital orthophoto at RTSD and in charge of the data inspection as well.    RTSD URL: http://www.rtsd.mi.th