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LectureInternational Standard

My recent job related to ITS (Intelligent Transport System) with a focused area on Traveler Information System (TIS).
We (Thailand) are setting up and operating a real-time traffic data center. Several sources of traffic information owned by different  government agencies including Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning, Traffic Police Command Center, Department of Highway and Expressway Authority of Thailand.


The main center is now connecting to real-time source's databases which contain traffic and traffic related information detected from a variety of sensors and semi-automatic processes

The output side of the main center is disseminating information complying with national standards (several formats in but just one single out). Visit this site to see the real-time traffic --> http://traffic.thai.net (a prototype version) and the latest version -->  http://www.iticfoundation.org/

As the project leader, I played the active roles in ...

      1. Coordinated with several government organizations

      2. Designed and Developed data retrieving modules for connecting and retrieving the data from data sources

      3. Developed standards for information dissemination
             -  Data connection and service protocol (to support handshaking and parameters/criteria exchanging)
             -  Location referencing (which isn't depend on map scale, accuracy and provider)
             -  Traffic information coding (the short code for traffic status)
             -  Metadata of the disseminated information

      4. Planning of information system development

      5. Seminar and Training arrangement

In addition, NECTEC (my office) set some funding to pursue the tasks and assigned me to be the project leader. I have to deal with outsourcing to several developers and expert people coming from private, public and university. And, I also was one of the developers in the team.

To demonstrate these standards in a real practice, I led a team of eight developers to implement a real-time traffic information report and an information broker system.

During my time with ITS, one of my significant accomplishments was devising of three standards for information dissemination comprising (1) Data exchange protocol, (2) Location referencing, and (3) Traffic information coding.  I was the main author of them.

NECTEC has united with another government agency, Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI), to push the standards toward national standards. A group of Thai technical committee was nominated from principal stake holders – government, private (industry) and academic – to review and approve the standards. 

I participated in this technical committee as a secretariat with the main responsibility to organize the committee meeting and prepare technical information about the standards.  TISI also supported some finance for the activities such as traveling expense for me to join the ISO/TC204 meeting.