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I was born in Thailand which is one of the most cozy country in the world.
I also finished my former education from my homeland. My backgrounds are Survey Engineering and Information Sciences.

Since 1999, after completing my bachelor's degree from Chaulalongkorn University, I joined a national research institute (NECTEC; National Electronics and Computer Technology Center) as a research assistant. Throughout my professional duration, I have gained a lot of valuable experiences in both R&D and non-R&D projects.

Most of the projects were focused on spatial and spatial-related information under the orientation of internet technology, web application, and database design & manipulation.

I also had chances to work on several professional skills, including research operation (paper publication and patent filing), developments (requirement analysis, programming, system and database design), technical standards, and non-R&D (seminar organizing, seminar session facilitator, technical lecturer, arranging training courses, and project manager & coordinator.)

From 1999-2009, I had been working for the research center for ten years. My recent projects (between 2006-2009) associated with ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) under a specific area in Traveler Information System. 

At the current, I am working in the field of ITS focusing on public transit information system for travelers and bus managers.


Research interest: 

ITS, GNSS, and