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Basic Science Responsibilities

  1. Attend one science docent training session in October.
  2. Try to attend the district docent gatherings during the school year, at the district office.
  3. Contact your assigned teacher to discuss:
    • monthly date and time
    • class time limit
    • the science information you plan to provide
  4. Contact your Science Docent Building Coordinator to discuss:
    • science kit location
    • check out procedures
    • important meetings and other information
  5. Assist with Science Docent-sponsored events at your school, as needed.
  6. Teach one monthly class:
    • Plan to present a short lesson on a specific science topic and a hands-on activity that reinforces the presentation.
    • On the presentation day, arrive early to set up all materials that you need.
    • Use discretion when bringing younger siblings with you on the presentation day. Some schools do not all siblings in the classroom. Check with your teacher.
    • Dress appropriately.
    • Be prepared, relax, and enjoy yourself.