During the school year, Loree is the nurse practitioner at William Woods University's Counseling and Health Services. In addition to assisting students with their health care needs, she does programming to encourage students in making healthy choices.

She has a part time job as a staff nurse at Fulton State Hospital. This is a state run psychiatric facility. Many of the residents at Fulton State Hospital have legal charges against them as well dealing with mental illness. Loree is challenged by this different type of nursing.

One of the great joys of these two jobs is that they are both less than a mile from her home, making her commute quick and pleasant.

Loree volunteers with Alternatives to Violence Project. She facilitates workshops for inmates of Boonville Correctional Center several times a year and has created the webpage for the local AVP Council

She is a PeaceJam adviser. PeaceJam is an organization which seeks to educate and inspire youth to work toward peace and non violence with the assistance of Nobel Peace Laureates. This year, the Heartland Region of PeaceJam is learning from1992 Nobel Laureate Rigoberta Menchu.  Loree led a breakout section on An Inconvenient Truth. Weekly, Loree meets with young women who are residing at Rosa Parks Center which is across the street from her clinic at William Woods University. She uses the skills learned as an Alternatives to Violence Project facilitator as well as those learned from a PeaceJam training

This fall, Loree assisted with the organization of a public forum on poverty with like minded Callaway county residents. 

Loree joined the newly formed Callaway Community Toastmaster's Club. She is working on improving her public speaking skills with some success.

She has just joined the board of Kingdom Projects, Inc, a the Fulton area non profit organization which does recycling and is a sheltered workshop for individuals with disabilities.

Loree assists Bill with his many politically related activities. She was busy all through the DFA training academy that Democracy for Missouri sponsored in Columbia last April. They have hosted several events at their home.

We moved to our 'new' home in May 2006 here in Fulton, MO. It was built in 1940 and in the past year we have overseen lots of improvements: new windows, new siding, new front door, new upstairs bathroom and minor repair of several things that just weren't to our liking. The list of things to do is slowly getting shorter, but we are by no means done yet.  

Right after we put new siding on the house last fall, there was a big snow. 

Loree spends a fair amount of each week meeting the needs of each family member. She helps Emily arrange any activity which Emily expresses an interest in.

Loree has a facebook profile. She uses it mainly to keep up with what Ian and her nieces and nephew are doing. 

One may think that Loree never has a moment to herself. Actually, she enjoys a lot of quiet time. Recently, she has been re reading the entire Harry Potter series.