Ian is graduating from Truman State University with a BS in Computer Science in mid December 2007. 

The picture on the left shows him at his desk in our Fulton home this summer. Note three active computer screens. This summer he participated in the Google summer of code for the second time. He continued working on issues related to a media player called Amarok. This is a part of KDE, a desktop environment for the Linux operating system. 

In July, he went to Glasgow, Scotland to attend the annual meeting of the KDE community-aKademy 2007. Above right is a picture of Ian and the others from around the world who work on Amarok taken in Glasgow. And to the left is Ian working with his international colleagues.

More important than Ian's successes with computers, is the fact that he is in love with a very nice young woman named Sherry Lochhaas. She is also a student at Truman State University. Ian has chosen to take a job in Kirksville upon graduation rather than deal with a long distance relationship. He is upgrading the software  Adventure Student Travel uses to sell their product to student groups across the country.

In February, they went to Springfield, Il to see Barack Obama announce his candidacy for president of the US. It was a cold day, so to warm up, they visited the new Lincoln Library where Ian gave some stiffs tips about how to grow a full beard.

Ian assists Bill with his political activities. He attended DFA training academy that Democracy for Missouri sponsored in Columbia last April. He has also canvased our Fulton neighborhood with Bill and others. 

Ian and Bill planted a disease resistant elm in front of our house last Spring.

Ian has his own web page, which is mostly a blog.

Here are other web presences Ian has:

  • Last.fm - displays music Ian has been listening to recently and his favorites.
  • Facebook - like everyone and their dog, Ian has a Facebook profile.
  • Flickr - Ian has uploaded some of his digital photos to Flickr.