Emily spends most of her days at home. She is often sitting at her computer web reading blogs and looking up items of interest. Twice a week, she goes to GED tutoring. Emily is planning to take her GED sometime in the next year. When asked, Emily says she has no other plans for the future.

This summer Emily went with her parents and Grandpa Will to the Friends General Conference Annual Gathering in River Falls, WI. Emily took a workshop on finding the Divine in Poetry and spent her time with high school aged Friends. 

In February 2007, Emily and Loree attended a workshop on Non Violent Communication with Miki Kashtan. Emily will go to peace demonstrations or political rallies with Bill.

Bill and Emily before a parade in 2006.


She enjoys the company of her black cat, Marshmallow.



Aunt Lisa & Uncle Bill visit Fulton, MO in October 2007


Emily with her Mom at a restaurant in Columbia, 2007 

Bill, Will, Mary Celia , Loree & Emily in Michigan, 7/2007

 Emily and Aunt Kay Monroe, April 2007