Bill has been  very active since the move to Fulton in May '06. Bill had the job of tearing down the bathroom walls and hauling out debris, painting (with Loree) the kitchen and remodeled bathroom, and the current project of insulating the very poorly insulated areas in the attic. More painting awaits as a winter project. By the time we are ready to leave Fulton, we will have the house we want to live it goes! 

When not busy with the house and family, Bill is heavily engaged in progressive "Dean Democrat" politics. He has been President of Democracy for Missouri for two years(term limited out this month!), and has been working to turn Mid Missouri back to the blue it used to be. He is the webmaster for Boone County Democrats and Democracy for Missouri and is a contributor to the "Show Me Progress" blog. A regular attender at Boone County Democratic Central Committee meetings, he has also been canvassing for Democratic Candidates, conducting screenings of progressive films, doing educational outreach on Peak Oil issues, calling for Bush impeachment, and working with Columbia Peace Coalition to end the war. We are cursed, as the Chinese saying goes, to live in interesting times.

Barack Obama is the current focus of Bill's political activity. He has been to Iowa to help out, seen Barack speak ...twice...donated far too much money to his campaign and has "tabled" numerous times to inform folks and recruit supporters. He has a list of 350 mid Missouri Obama supporters who get his emails updating and encouraging their support and action. A friend has created a T shirt: "Still love Bill, but...Sorry Hill...Its Obama Time!" Says it all. Anyone wondering about Obama should watch his Jefferson Jackson dinner speech.

And work?
Bill is now in his 15th year working for the Columbia/Boone County Health Department...with a focus on HIV testing and prevention. Most of the Clinic and Nursing web pages at the health Department were created by Bill. He recently helped get $11,000.00 worth of award winning radio ads encouraging STD awareness and testing on the air in Columbia. Have you had your flu shot yet? Bill has given up to 85 a day! Only one fainted. 

Bill speaking at a  Peace Forum with representatives of Moslem and Christian Faiths looking on. Spring 07

Bill and Jim Dean at the April DFA Training Academy sponsored by Democracy for Missouri in Columbia.