Greetings from the Monroes

A web tour showing our lives and activities.







Herald photo by Bill Monroe.  

Ian really graduated!

 We wish you & the

world peace in 2008


We invite you to travel through and beyond this web page to learn about our lives and activities. Briefly, we are all well. Bill and Loree don't anticipate any big changes in our lives in the next year. Ian and Emily will no doubt surprise and hopefully delight us as their futures unfold. This year Ian is graduating from Truman State University with a BS in Computer Science in mid December 2007. 

This webpage is divided into a section for each of us. The truth is that we are often together, not separate. Ian was home from college this summer. Bill, Loree and Emily took a vacation in July 2007 to Wisconsin and Michigan to attend the annual gathering of Friends General Conference with Loree's Dad, Will and then visit his home in East Lansing, MI. We are planning to spend both Thanksgiving and Christmas 2007 together at our home in Fulton, MO. See the recipes to get a sense of what we are eating and learn about the ongoing discussion about fudge.

Please enjoy our efforts!