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Dolly Mae CD 2007 If you are intersted in Bahamas genealogy the Wyannie Malone Historical Museum in Hope Town has just produced a new genealogical CD called the Dolly Mae CD 2007. This is the latest CD of annual CD's produced over the last decade. This one however is over twice the size with over 60,000 records for most of the islands and cays in the Bahamas. The records are taken from archival records such as civil and church births, deaths, marriages and baptisms. Also included are burial ground records and links to many sites containing genealogical records pertaining to the Bahamas. These records were mostly obtained through years of work by a renowned Genealogist, Oreste Lombardi who is connected with the museum. The name Dolly Mae is from Dolly Mae Hewlett from Hope Town who Oreste discovered was an ancestor of his while conducting research from Arizona. The CD is available for $20 at the Museum Store or $25 by mail. We accept personal checks or you can pay by credit card through PAYPAL at our web page   email to