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National Fallen Firefighter's Golf Tournament

National Fallen Firefighter  Foundation

2021 Greater Monroe County Golf Tournament Committee

145 Grand View Lane Rochester, NY 14612


March 1, 2021


Monroe County Fire Bureau

1190 Scottsville Rd., Suite 203

Rochester, NY 14624


Dear Friends of the Foundation;


The 2021 Greater Monroe County  National  Fallen  Firefighters  Foundation  Golf  Tournament  will  be  held  on Sunday, May 23rd & Monday, May 24th at  the  Deerfield  Golf  Country  Club, 100 Craig  Hill  Dr. in Brockport, NY. With last year's tournament canceled due  to  the  global  pandemic,  the  Foundation  needs  our  help  more  now than ever.


The health and safety of our golfers, volunteers and the staff of Deerfield Golf & Country Club is our utmost priority and to meet all current guidelines we will be using pre-assigned Tee Times on both days.


Sunday tee times will be from noon -to- 2pm and will be limited to only 120 golfers (30 foursomes). Monday tee times will

be from 9am to 11am and will be limited to 180 golfers (45 foursome s).


All proceeds from the golf tournament will be used to sup port the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation mission to honor firefighter s who died in the line of duty, provide resources for the Firehero family members, and prevent future fire service fatalities. The money also will help endow scholarships and job training for the spouses, children, and stepchildren of fallen firefighters and will enable the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation to provide logistical and emotional support to both volunteer and career fire departments when coping with a line-o f-duty fatality from within their ranks. Additional financial support also empowers the National Fallen Flrefighters Foundation to commit to significant resources toward the Everyone Goes Home program, a comprehensive initiative focused on the prevention of future firefighter's deaths and casualties.


1 have enclosed a registration form and a flyer. If you  have any questions,  pleasfeel free to contact me. On behalf of the National Fallen Firefighters Found thank you for your support.


Sincerely yours, 


Rnndy Jensen, Chairman

Greater :Monroe County

National Fallen Fire Fighters Foundation Golf Tournament Cell Phone: 585-329-3770

E-l\fail: nfffgolfmonroe@gmail.com

K Love,
Mar 3, 2021, 8:11 AM