Welcome to the Monosov Lab at the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology at Washington University Medical School

Our general research interests

How do we learn, decide what is important, and choose an appropriate behavioral strategy? Increasing our understanding of how neuronal circuits solve these puzzles is critical for understanding the principles of voluntary behavior – our ultimate long-term research goal.

Short-term research directions

Humans, and other animals, live in an uncertain world – one in which rewards are scarce, outcomes are variable, and much remains unknown or unknowable. To help us survive, the brain must have the capacity to swiftly adjust our behavior in relation to these uncertainties.

We aim to study the neuronal circuits involved in uncertainty-processing using a variety of techniques and approaches, including behavioral assays, neurophysiology, neurochemistry, brain imaging, optogenetics, and anatomical tracing.

If you want to join, please email your CV and 2 letters of recommendation to monosovi@pcg.wustl.edu AND monosovlab@gmail.com

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