The Monologue Project runs workshops for actors, writers, producers and high school / HSC drama students.

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About the course

Monologue Performance is designed to enhance actors’ skills in one of the most critical yet neglected areas: the monologue. Whether it’s a short piece to impress in the audition room, or a standalone performance in its own right, every actor should have a strong monologue in their repertoire for when they want to showcase their talents to the right people.

Monologue Performance covers the following areas and more:

·         Understanding what makes a great monologue performance

·         Analysing text: depth of understanding and mining a script for opportunities

·         Performance techniques

·         Rhythm, cadence and timing

·         How to find, know, understand and become a character

·         Giving and assimilating feedback

·         How to find and select a suitable monologue

·         The basics of writing and directing monologues and how this is relevant to a performer

This seven week course presented by The Monologue Project has the simple aim of increasing actors’ abilities as performers of monologues.

Time: Tue evenings, 6:00pm-8:00pm
Dates: 13 Oct – 17 Nov + 8 Dec (7 sessions)
Cost: $265
Location: New York Film Academy, 4/127-131 Liverpool Street, Sydney
Max enrolments: 11
Tutor: Pete Malicki

This course focuses on two major skills: writing plays, with a
principal focus on monologues; and producing a theatrical
event. The aim is to give you the skills to write a great
monologue and all the information you need to get it on stage. Read more about the course, including the key areas of focus.

The Monologue Project has developed a workshop for HSC Drama designed to give your students the edge when it comes to the Individual Project: Performance exam. We focus on three of the key HSC criteria: Character, Voice/Movement and Interpretation (Dramatic Coherence).

We work with all grades and experience levels, from Year 8 - Year 12. Our standard workshop runs for 90 minutes and includes: performances by working professional actors; exercises and activities; discussions and theory (but not too much of this!); feedback; and a Q&A session. We will typically bring one tutor per 8-10 students.

We are more than happy to come up with a workshop that suits your needs and budget. If you have a particular area you'd like us to focus on, or if you'd like an all-day session, we will work with you to design a session that will be of maximum benefit to your students.

It was a pleasure to have you visit and the students’ performances this week have been of a higher standard thanks to your workshop. I can see that they have applied the concepts and feedback they learned in the workshop.
- Brooke Pappas, Drama Teacher, Liverpool Girls’ High School

The Monologue Project was an invaluable experience. Pete Malicki and his actors showcased an array of performances that demonstrated immense talent and professionalism. The performances were entertaining and moving and some students are considering Pete's monologues for their HSC individual project.
- Shelley Casey, Drama Teacher, Glenmore Park High School

It was a fantastic experience watching monologues performed by actors with experience and then being able to discuss afterwards how they worked on it and why. It was an invaluable experience.
- Emma, Year 11 

An amazing experience with a group of performers who really know their stuff.
- Alaina, Year 10

The Monologue Project was an absolutely amazing experience with highly skilled actors demonstrating a varied of high calibre performances.
- Ben T, Year 10

Pete and Nicolas visited our school to run the IP Monologue workshop. What they delivered was a quality product that included a performance demonstration combined with very useful and practical activities. My students loved the interactive exercises which extended their performance skills. The team worked well as a duo bouncing off each other effortlessly. Nicolas is a dynamic and engaging performer and Pete’s insight into the craft of acting is invaluable. I would highly recommend the workshop to those looking to give their HSC students an extra edge for their monologue performance. 
- Hayley Craddock, Drama teacher at Southern Highlands Christian School

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