The Monologue Project produces two major shows - the adult show (extra)ordinary, (un)usual and our high school show HSC Monologues.

We are planning to stage (extra)ordinary, (un)usual IV soon. However, our team is focused in developing a major new project which will be launched in June 2017, so there may not be any further shows until after that point in time.

(extra)ordinary, (un)usual

The Monologue Project's stage show (extra)ordinary, (un)usual is Australia's leading monologues showcase, featuring the versatile and award-winning work of author/playwright Pete Malicki performed by Sydney's best stage actors.
It features two acts of 4x monologues each, with the occasional 'easter egg' (you'll have to come along to find out what that means!).

The monologues have been performed in Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, the US, India, Malaysia and Singapore, with shows in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and on Brighton's West End. (extra)ordinary, (un)usual was actually first performed in Chennai, India!

You'll have the chance to mingle with the cast after the show and chat about their experiences as professional actors.

HSC Monologues

The aim of this entertaining monologue showcase is to provide high school drama students with pieces they can use for their Individual Project: Performance exam and ideas on how to develop a dynamic performance out of text.

It's often a struggle for HSC students to find a good monologue for their exams. This show is the perfect way to expose students to contemporary, relevant and exciting work for them to choose from.

HSC Monologues consists of 6-8 monologues performed by professional actors. They have all been adapted to be suitable for a high school audience, with profanity reduced/removed and plenty of movement incorporated.

The Monologue Project has a wide range of available monologues that can be performed. Let us put a show together for you, or hand pick the ones you'd like to see performed from our set of available monologues.

Students will be able to have a discussion with the cast after the show and get advice on performance techniques from working professional actors.

Drama students could greatly benefit from the experience of Malicki's intelligent script writing and the cast's inspiring performances.
- Weekend Notes, review

It was a fantastic experience watching monologues performed by actors with experience and then being able to discuss afterwards how they worked on it and why. It was an invaluable experience.  
- Emma H, Year 11 Glenmore Park High School

An amazing experience with a group of performers who really know their stuff.
- Alaina S, Year 10 Student, Glenmore Park High School

The Monologue Project was an absolutely amazing experience with highly skilled actors demonstrating a varied of high calibre performances.
- Ben T, Year 10 Student, Glenmore Park High School

The Monologue Project was an invaluable experience. Pete Malicki and his actors showcased an array of performances that demonstrated immense talent and professionalism. The performances were entertaining and moving and some students are considering Pete's monologues for their HSC individual project.
- Shelley Casey, Drama Teacher, Glenmore Park High School

For enquiries or to book a showing of HSC Monologues or (extra)ordinary, (un)usualcontact the Producer.

*Photo top Becky Russell 2013
*Photo right, The Monologue Project team at Evans High School