Review Highlights

(extra)ordinary, (un)usual
"Malicki takes theatre for the people to a whole new level, competing directly with film and television, and using what is unique about theatre (real people, real audience) to make an impact its competitors can’t challenge."

"Malicki strives for entertainment, but isn’t content with simply “theatre-candy”, so there is a little darkness to the funny and a little light to the drama every time."

"This surprising, witty ten minute play (The Flowers) was the standout of the night, and Ghazi an excellent performer to bring it to fruition."
- Lisa Thatcher, Blogger

"The Monologue Projects are award winning monologues by Pete Malicki. They are about ordinary people telling extraordinary stories or extraordinary people who are trying to be ordinary. Are they interesting and entertaining? Most certainly!"

"All in all it was a great night out. Sadly is was only on for two nights. Hopefully Pete will bring it back with more hilarious monologues."
- Philippa Bird, What’s On Sydney

"The cast each spectacularly convey their characters’ personalities so well, whether it be through the unbearably hilarious delivery of Malicki's humour or the animated prodding of society and life the way we know it."

"This script (V.D.) is electric performed by Eliza St John, whose personality and talent is stunningly showcased in this stellar performance."

"Transitions were clean and professional and the project was a pleasure to attend, from start to finish."

"The confronting nature of many of the monologues and the realistic protagonists make for more than just entertainment - the monologues are provoking yet appealing."

"Older teenagers and drama students could greatly benefit from the experience of Malicki's intelligent script writing and the cast's inspiring performances."

"Overall, it was an astonishingly brilliant night of theatre that was truly inspiring, and I was very glad to catch it in this season."
- Naomie Nguyen, Weekend Notes

(extra)ordinary (un)usual II
"Pete Malicki's The Monologue Project is a fascinating way to experience snippets of confronting subject matter, to be exposed to the extraordinary and unusual in the lives of regular people around us."
- Nicole Arathoon, Weekend Notes

"The monologues have won a total of 12 major awards at nationwide and international events, and after you see them in action, you’ll know why."

"I went to the New Theatre not only exhausted, but with some trepidation at seeing something billed as “(un)usual.” Sometimes unusual is a good thing, sometimes not so much. Last night it was not good, it was bloody great."

"If you get the chance to see Malicki’s plays, grab it, they are well worth it. (If you wear make-up, put on waterproof mascara, as you are likely to leave the theatre crying from laughing so much)."
- Joy Minter, The Buzz from Sydney

(extra)ordinary (un)usual III
"There are too many highlights to mention… the stories are inspired: funny, heartbreaking and often with twists that you don’t see coming. Malicki has fulfilled his brief and given us a show that is as good as any mainstream entertainment, with a very talented young cast."
- Joy Minter, The Buzz from Sydney

"Performed by Sydney's best stage actors."

"Unbelievably riveting performances. Drawn immediately into each and every actor's world through their well scripted monologue."

"I seriously recommend you buy tickets to the show. Be taken into another world and step into their shoes for the next hour or so and see how it ends."
- Ellen Hird, Weekend Notes

"Malicki… has a knack for extracting confident and quite wild performances from his cast, all of whom appear to bubble with excitement when placed centre stage."

"...certainly an expert in his chosen field."
- Suzy Wrong, Suzygoessee

…it is rare that theatre is able to bridge the gap between catering to elite monied patrons and putting on a slapping good show you’d go to rather than attend the football that weekend. Enter Pete Malicki and his endlessly entertaining monologue show, (extra)ordinay, (un)usual.

He’s a fine writer, the recipient of many awards and one of the rising stars competing for that illustrious commendation – one of the most performed playwrights in the world.

Pete Malicki has a talent for profundity in the everyday, and in this short play especially, he is able to eek out some thoughtful depth from the funny story-tale banter that he is famous for.

Pete Malicki shows us that entertainment doesn’t have to leave thinkers at the door.

One of the most exciting things about attending The Monologue Project every year is watching his style develop into an artistic trade mark that will be impossible to beat.

There is plenty to be had for a very fun, very affordable night at the theatre.

The actors are all spot on (if there is one thing Pete does well, its direct a monologue) bringing an enormous committment and energy to each individual project.

If you’re new to theatre, or think theatre is too pretentious at the best of times, then (extra)ordinary,(un)usual is the show to debunk that idea and welcome you with open arms to the stable. It’s especially made to be enjoyed, to make you laugh and to make you think just that tiny weeny little bit – and that can’t hurt too much can it?
- Lisa Thatcher, Blogger