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On video

Our monologues have been performed many hundreds of times around the world. Many of these performances have been filmed and posted on Youtube by the performers.

If you'd like to get some performance ideas, check out what other actors have done with the monologues (video quality isn't always great!).

The Devil's Aftershave (feat. Matt Charleston)

V.D. (feat. Eliza St John)

Screams And Whispers (feat. Deepak Hariharan)

The Long Game (feat. Yannick Lawry)

Shallow, Quick (feat. Miss Suzie Q)

Captain Everything (feat. Matt Friedman)

Quiet Friday (feat. Luke Reeves)

Feeling Peachy (feat. Rosemary Ghazi)

The Happiest Day Of My Life (feat. Debbie Neilson)

That Time Harold Borgenstein Went Speed Dating And Got Taken Over By All Of The Greek Gods (feat. Glenn Wanstall)

Checkout (feat. Lily Hayman [OnStage nominee])

Dragula (feat. Nat Backhouse)

YouTube Video

Cry For Me (feat. Alice Furze)

YouTube Video

Frenemy (feat. Jess Heath)

YouTube Video

My Knight In Dull Armour (feat. Eliza St John)

YouTube Video

The Story Of Darling Brown (feat. Katharine Babatzanis)

YouTube Video