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Pete Malicki has been described as "one of Sydney's best new generation playwrights" and is the recipient of 23 major awards for his monologues at national/international events. He produces theatre and major festivals, and runs monologue workshops at New York Film Academy, Sydney.

He is a published fiction author and has had 75 of his plays staged in over 1,000 productions. His recent full-length play Room was described by a reviewer as " of the Australian dramatic masterpieces of the current millennium." His full-length one-woman show V.D. has toured Australia, the UK and NZ.

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A Psychopath  -  drama (male)
Apocalypse Soon  -  drama (male/female)
Australia - Danger Island  -  drama (male/female)
Captain Everything  -  comedy/drama (male)
Checkout  -  drama (female) 
Cry For Me  -  drama (female) 
Cogs In Something Bigger  -  drama (female) 
Conception Control  -  comedy (male)
Darkest Moment  -  drama (female)
Digging Deep  -  comedy (male/female)
Disgusted  -  drama (male)
Dragula  -  comedy (male)
Feeling Peachy  -  comedy (female)
Filled To Empty  -  drama (male)
Frenemy  -  drama (female)
If You're Paying  -  comedy, 10 mins (male)
Keep Calm And Go Kill Yourself  -  drama (male)
Imaginary  -  drama (male/female)
My Knight In Dull Armour - drama (female)
My Name Is Steve. Hi Steve - drama (male) 
Quiet Friday  -  drama (male)
Screams And Whispers  -  comedy (male/female)
Sensation  -  comedy (female)
Shallow, Quick  -  drama (male/female)
Spoof App  -  drama (male) New!
That Time Harold Borgenstein Went Speed Dating And Got Taken Over By All Of The Greek Gods  -  comedy (male)
The Devil's Aftershave  -  drama (male)
The Flowers  -  comedy (male/female) 
The Happiest Day Of My Life - comedy/drama (female)
The Key  -  drama (male) New!
The Long Game  -  drama (male)
The Rise Of Sir Edmund  -  comedy (male)
The Story Of Darling Brown  -  drama (male/female)
Unexpected Turns Of Events  -  comedy (male/female)
V.D.  -  comedy (female) 
V.D. Extended - comedy, 20 mins (female)

These contemporary monologues are perfect for your HSC Individual Performance (IP) exam, forensics competitions, speech and debate tournaments, GCSE Drama, Dramatic Interpretation or Humorous Interpretation. 


extra)ordinary, (un)usual I, II, III, IV and Manologues

- volumes of 5-6 monologues
- latest versions of the scripts
- has an ISBN (often required for speech and debate comps)
- edited for the US market. 

Ace the next Humorous Interpretation or Dramatic Interpretation event at Forensics / speech and debate tournaments. Grab a copy of award-winning, proven monologues which have been performed all around the world.

You can download the monologues for free by clicking on their titles below. Note that permission must be granted before any of these monologues can be performed, produced or otherwise used.

Drama (male)
Heard the one about a good guy with a dark past? This monologue is about a bad man with a bright past. Theo Carter tried his best to do the right thing by his fellow man, but he suffers from an acute lack of human empathy and a few years back he just stopped trying. This is part of my trilogy of monologues about the dark side of morality, along with Disgusted and The Devil's Aftershave.

Drama (male/female)
After watching a zombie movie marathon, a young university student can't sleep thanks to the fear of impending apocalypse. Every day, preparations are made. Every night, the zombies find new ways around the defenses.

Drama (male/female)
A shy young American comes to Australia for adventure and to understand the Aussie way.

Overall People's Choice Winner, Short+Sweet Kolkata 2015
Best Play, People's Choice Runner Up, Short+Sweet Dubai 2017
Drama (male)
Join Captain Everything, the superhero of all superheroes, on his quest to rescue Princess Prettyface. A fast-paced comedy adventure with a terrible twist.

Best Play, Short+Sweet Canberra 2013
Gala Finalist, Short+Sweet Melbourne 2013
Drama (female)
Corinne works for Coles. You might think she hates her job, but she's done far worse. Coles is the top of the bottom. But she's nothing but a robot being phased out by other robots.

Drama (female)
A young jazz singer turned celebrity discovers the true nature of the machine that is Hollywood.

Comedy (male)
Sebastian's wife wants a kid. Sebastian hates kids. But... he doesn't want to lose his beautiful wife. What to do?

Drama (female)
Winner, Judge's Vote, Crash Test Drama Finals 2013
Alicia has come from Argentina to Australia and found herself an unusual job that sees her attending a lot of funerals.

Performed in National speech and debate tournament, USA
Drama (female)
Jilly is cursed. Whenever she makes contact with a stranger she becomes them during their darkest moment.

Comedy (male/female)
Kieran Johannsen thinks life is unfair. His neighbour, Mark Grimshaw, inherited a bunch of money from his Great Aunt Edna and bought himself a Porsche Boxster. Not that Keiran's jealous. 

Best Script, Bangalore Corporate Festival
Drama (male)
A staunch vegetarian finds himself in trouble with the law after visiting a seafood restaurant. But what exactly is making him feel so ill?

Comedy (male)
Dracula is back. And so's Barry, the 35-year-old virgin plumber from Cootamundra.

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Comedy (female)
Princess Peach of Mario Bros fame is throwing a party. Will she thwart Bowser's latest kidnapping attempt?

Drama (male)
Best Script, Short But Not So Sweet 2012
Junior has it all. Women, money, fast cars, success, intelligence, charisma. All he wants is to throw a huge fuck-off spanner in the works of his perfect life.

Drama (female)
Chloe is deadly. If you mess with her, you mess with fire. But she's getting a bit too chubby for her uggies and she has to be brought down a few sizes.

Comedy (male) - suitable for wheelchair bound actor
A young man who hates to spend money realises the government offers a stack of free services and pledges to get value for his tax dollar. A monologue for a mobility-impaired male.

Drama (male/female)
Dan has an imaginary friend, Yancey. The thing is, Yancey is a bit of a dick and got Dan in trouble at work. When Dan's colleague Jason brings his own imaginary friend in to beat up Yancey, things go downhill quickly.

Drama (Male)
It’s nothing personal, but Oscar hates you.How can him hating you not be personal? Well, he hates pretty much everyone and by its very definition you can’t take a generalisation personally.

Drama (female)
Cara lives with domestic violence. Her Daddy comes home late at night, drunk, and screams at her Mama. When her boyfriend Dale comes around unexpectedly one night, he becomes her knight in shining armour and whisks her away from danger. Dale doesn't want anything to happen to her, so he locks the doors and puts bars on the windows. Cara's world starts to shrink as she becomes a prisoner in her own house. An exploration of the psychological side of domestic violence.

Steve has an addictive personality. First it was cigarettes, then Mars Bars, then the gym. How will he get over his addiction to addictions?

Drama (male)
Gordon's life is filled with noise. The leafblower, his loud colleagues, babies, TVs, possums, leafblowers, screaming children. His only saving grace is the one silent morning each week. Quiet Friday. So when the neighbour starts renovating their kitchen and bathroom, Gordon starts losing his thread.

Comedy (male/female)
Overall Best Production, Short+Sweet Kolkata 2017
A teenager discovers a latent power - the ability to communicate telepathically with animals. Problem is, they don't speak English. They just fill your head with barks and meows and... whatever noise a possum makes.

Comedy (female)
Roanna, or Ro-Wanda as she calls herself, is determined to go viral online.

Performed at OnStage 2018
Drama (male/female)
What it's like to buy chocolate when you suffer from severe social anxiety.

Comedy (male/female)
A spam coach works with his contracted staff to compose the perfect spam email.

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Drama (male)
No one messes with Dylan. No one. So when Foster laughs at him in English, he's invited himself into a world of bad.

Comedy (male)
Harold Borgenstein goes speed dating and is unexpectedly possessed by not one but nine Greek Gods.

The Devil's Aftershave
Drama (male)
Best Drama, Short+Sweet Brisbane 2010

Gala Finalist, Short+Sweet Sydney 2011
"The Devil’s Aftershave by Pete Malicki is an extraordinary monologue about a man with an incredible sense of smell. A gift or a curse? Rachel Moorhead directs a brilliant performance by Matt Charleston." -

The Flowers
Comedy (male/female)
Winner, Crash Test Drama Finals 2011 | Gala Finalist, Short+Sweet Melbourne 2011 | Gala Finalist, Short+Sweet Chennai 2012
At an early age, Sam discovers an unusual 'gift.' Everyone and everything dies whenever Sam is near. So will Sam's quest to grow some flowers bear any fruit?

"The storytelling in this is just superb and again, considering the ten-minute constraint, I thought the story arc was exceptionally paced and very well executed." - -> 5/5 bananas!

The Happiest Day Of My Life
Comedy/Drama (female)
A wedding day is the happiest day of a girl's life, right? So... what happens when the day's over? Is it all downhill? The story of a young woman's desperate search for happiness.

The Key
Drama (male)
Jonny has the biggest surprise lined up for Amy. She has no idea what's coming and it's going to blow her mind. But Jonny's in for a bit of a surprise himself. 

The Long Game
Drama (male)
Paul is your everyday man. He's married with two kids, works in accounting, watches the cricket and loves a good chutney. When he (accidentally) goes to a gay bar and meets Ian, a dangerous obsession starts to grow.

Comedy (male)
Sir Edmund Hillary was the first man to summit Mount Everest. This monologue is the most accurate record ever kept of his epic journey with his trusty sidekick Tenzing Norgay. TENZING!

Drama (male/female)
Darling Brown wants to know why her parents gave her such a ridiculous first name. With a twin called Jesse, she could never understand what they were thinking. Until, that is, she stumbles across an armed robbery at a local newsagent.

Comedy (male/female)
A psychotic spouse, a son called Edgard, a high-powered client, a stolen bicycle, the five-year-old-girl next door who will murder you for touching her bicycle, and a toothless Uber driver. Each event is more unexpected than the last.

Comedy (female)
Judges' Choice winner, the inaugural Crash Test Cronulla, May 2011 | Best Comedy, People's Choice Award, Short+Sweet Brisbane Gala Finals 2011 | Performed at Edinburgh Fringe and on Brighton's West End | Best Play, Audience Favourite, Best Comedy Script, Short+Sweet Auckland Gala Finals 2013 | Winner, Five Minute Festival, London England | Audience Choice Winner, International 10 Minute Play Festival, France | Performed in Speech and Debate Nationals, USA
Had you ever noticed that the initials for Valentine's Day are the same as Venereal Disease? Pete Malicki certainly has in his play, V.D. This hilarious one-woman-show is about a girl who has been left lonely on Valentine's Day for too many years. So when a bunch of flowers is left for her at work she has every reason to be suspicious. This comedy will leave you in stitches.
- Laura McKenna, Weekend Notes
Comedy (female)
Sophie's back, more than a year after meeting the love of her life, Dan Hunsford. Things didn't work out with Dan, but hey, she's moving on and moving up. V.D. Extended is the original monologue plus a brand new act.

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Comedy, 70 mins (1 female)
Originally an award-winning 10 minute monologue, V.D. has been extended to a full-length one-woman show!

This one-woman comedy explores the life of Sophie, a 35-year-old romantic who likes a bit too much gin. We join her as she falls in and out of love, struggles with power plays in her new job, and travels to India on a journey of spiritual (un)enlightenment.

This excerpt is the first 10 pages, or around two thirds of the total script.

Email Pete to request the full script.

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