18 August 2007

After weeks of the 'flu, finally Martien and I were well enough to get back to work in the garden.





Today, we  finished the waterfalls, by raising the sides of the PVC sheeting with rocks and sand, and covering the sheeting with more rocks.  A tricky business, because we needed to be careful there were no leaks.

Checking the water flow....

Now we've set up the pump, but it's really not powerful enough, so we'll do something about that in future weeks. But the system is working well and I'll check pH next weekend, in preparation for fish, aquatic plants, and soon, we hope, FROGS! Click on the pictures below for bigger images.... The pond the next day, in the rain. We've set up our lovely stone seat, so I'll have a place to sit with a cup of tea, to contemplate nature. Bliss.