Plants go in

7 July 2007 

I've started putting plants around the pond....

Asplenium australasicum
(Birds Nest Fern)
Myoporum parvifolium
Viola hederacea (Ivy-Leafed Violet--almost a weed around here, but it's great for stabilising soil)
Lomandra confertifolia
Doodia aspera
Doryanthes excelsa
Baloskion tetraphyllum  (still in pots)
Gleichenia dicarpa

Over the rocks above the pond is growing Lomandra obliqua
--one of my favourite monocots.

28 July 2007

Today we got lots done! Martien was an absolute star on the construction front, despite getting over the 'flu. This is the tricky bit, getting the waterfalls waterproofed. We're using PVC sheeting between the ponds, and it took a lot of research before I found the products we needed to attach the sheeting to the fibreglass. I was surprised how difficult it was to get advice, since it's the sort of thing pond builders might frequently need to do. Finally, I tracked down good advice and products from Sika Australia, manufacturers of marine adhesives and sealants, with a bit of help from the blokes at Berowra Hardware.



First, Martien cut out a lip in the middle pond using an angle grinder. He'd ensured the line was right by first filling the pond to close to full, and drawing the outline. 

He next painted Sika's Primer 215 onto the PVC and allowed it to dry for an hour or so. 

After heavily abrading the fibreglass where it was to connect to the PVC, and then cleaning it with Sika's Cleaner 0205, he applied Sikaflex 11FC glue onto the PVC and attached it to the fibreglass, ensuring a close fit.



Covering the PCV and fibreglass with newspaper and then an old towel, he clamped them together.

It'll take 24 hours to dry.

Then, the same process on the upper edge of the middle pond, so the water cascading from the top will course down without leaks. We hope!

Right now it looks like some sort of strange orthodontic procedure, but tomorrow the braces come off and it'll start looking like a real pond.