The pond takes shape 

30 June 2007 

This is the first weekend since we started that it hasn't been raining, so we've taken advantage of the weather to get digging. 

Here you can see the basic design with the three ponds in place. It'll involve building up the front to support the largest pond. This is slightly different from my original layout, but it takes into account a large stump and the shape of the rocks. They were here first and we didn't feel like arm-wrestling with them.

I've transplanted the little Woollsia pungens into another part of the garden to make way for the middle pond. Hope it's happy there!

We've washed the sandy soil in under the large pond, and Martien checks the levels.

We're planning a stepped "waterfall" between the second and third
ponds. It's going to be tricky to make it all waterproof and splashproof.

And yes. As you can see, there's lots more bloody agapanthus to rip out!

Sunday. We build up the lower side of the large pond with  rocks and some very nasty round concrete pavers left by the previous owners (--we agreed that the best place for them was buried).

Both ponds are now bedded in with sand supporting them. We've started putting in the rocks between the two over which we'll be moulding fibreglass with polyester* to make the watercourse . Before it dries, we'll coat it with fine fish-tank pebbles so it doesn't look too naff. At least, that's the plan at the moment. We're sort of winging it.

[*Having a spousal unit whose original qualifications were in Chemical Engineering is definitely a bonus!]